December 2011 Club Night Results - Amended

On Thursday 15th of December we had our Club Night competition. It was a very successful night with most members competing in several events each. Photos from the event are on our club Facebook group page. A special thanks goes to all the timekeepers who made the event such a success and to our coaches for preparing the program to make everything run so smoothly. Here are the club night results:

50m Freestyle

Jake Lippiatt 27.24
David Findlay 31.30
Holly McConnell 31.97
Dennis Woodford 33.26
Hemi Tetana 33.52
Kyle Henderson 33.93
Glenn Evans 36.15
Nick O'Regan 36.28
Rebecca Leigh 36.99
Garry Moran 38.41
Bruce Coates 38.42
Neil Baumber 38.70
Sharon Thompson 38.80
Larry O'Regan 41.37
Derek Catterall 42.67
Morrie Cullen 45.04
Neil McNeil 53.50
Chris 54.60
Jacqui Kinzett 57.97
Kym 58.82
Jennifer 1:06.50
Sarah Wildermuth 1:08.83
Vicki 1:13.63
Harold 1:25.20

50m Backstroke

Haico Aaldering 44.02
Sharon Thompson 48.45
Bruce Coates 57.87
Chris 1:07.97
Larry O'Regan 1:10.70
Harold 1:27.47
Sarah Wildermuth 1:29.52
Vicki 1:33.12
Jennifer 1:37.73
Derek Catterall 56.00 DQ

50m Breaststroke

Haico Aaldering 41.17
Hemi Tetana 47.73
Dennis Woodford 51.10
Bruce Coates 56.13
Neil Baumber 56.77
Neil McNeil 59.83
Morrie Cullen 1:05.30
Kym 1:12.53
Jacqui Kinzett 1:23.24
Vicki 1:30.73
Sarah Wildermuth 1:37.80
Jennifer 1:46.65

50m Butterfly

Holly McConnell 36.52
Rebecca Leigh 41.70
Nick O'Regan 42.45
Garry Moran 44.02
Kyle Henderson 49.74
Glenn Evans 49.79

100m Freestyle

Jake Lippiatt 1:01.86
David Findlay 1:10.69
Holly McConnell 1:11.50
Haico Aaldering 1:13.60
Dennis Woodford 1:18.10
Hemi Tetana 1:21.67
Kyle Henderson 1:23.79
Nick O'Regan 1:23.80
Garry Moran 1:25.65
Rebecca Leigh 1:26.29
Martin Smith 1:27.99
Neil Baumber 1:30.38
Sharon Thompson 1:30.74
Larry O'Regan 1:46.31
Glenn Evans 1:47.69
Morrie Cullen 1:58.12
Derek Catterall 2:05.12
Jacqui Kinzett 2:10.66

100m Breaststroke

Neil McNeil 2:06.58
Martin Smith 2:08.00
Kym 2:37.55

200m Individual Medley

Jake Lippiatt 2:45.95
Martin Smith 3:48.18
David Findlay 3:11.92 DQ


2012 Memberships Now Open

New 12 month memberships and renewals are now available for 2012. Memberships are $75, the same price as last year. If you are an existing member renewing you will need to email me for your username and password. Once you have your username and password click this link for renewals. New members should click on this link for new registrations. Select REDCLIFFE PENINSULA MASTERS AUSSI, then follow the instructions to complete your registration.

If you do not have a computer or a credit card, please speak to either Glenn, Dennis or David at a training session to arrange a manual registration. All membership renewals are due by December 31st, so please endeavour to complete this by then.

If you wish to compete in the first swim meet of next year's season, River City Masters, you will need to register as soon as possible and give your nomination to David.

Redcliffe wins Don Fowles Trophy at Northside Masters Swim Meet

A team of ten of our club members swam at the Northside Masters Short Course Swim Meet yesterday. Full results haven't been finalised yet, but we won the Don Fowles Trophy for the highest average point score of clubs competing on the day! We believe it's the first trophy our club has ever won. Update: Results have now been posted here.


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