2015 Renewals Now Open!

Renewals for the 2015 Season are open now. Please renew your membership as soon as possible, particularly if you are planning to compete early next year. Renewals are due by the end of December! 2015 Memberships cost $80.00 for non-concession card holders and $70.00 for Health Care Card holders.

To renew, follow the Join link above. Please be sure if you are an existing or past member to renew or re-register, not create a new registration. If you have any difficulties or are unable to remember or retrieve your password please contact David Findlay.

Kick and Pull Postal

Here's a fun competition for us all to get involved with - particularly those who don't like to go to meets. It's something we can do in our own pool!

There's a kick postal and a pull postal. You can enter as many as you like but it's just $5 per entry. We have until the 30th of November to submit our entries.

The pull postal you have the choice of 400, 800 and 1500m swim. There is the choice of short course or long course but as our pool is 50m we'll be doing the long course.

The kick postal you have the choice of 200 or 400m kick.

We are planning to do it together as a club for those who wish to on Monday the 10th of November. Please let Terry know BEFORE this date so we can organise time keepers (important otherwise your entry will be invalid) and also depending on numbers if we have to start earlier, go later, or even arrange a second date).


MSQ will be giving away 6 2015 memberships for those who enter so you might get your next year's membership free just for participating!

See MSQ's Postal Kick and Pull Buoy Swim event page for more details and to download the forms. To enter, please talk to the club recorder, David Findlay.

16 and 4 Month Memberships Now Open

New Memberships for the 2014/2015 Season are open now. The 16 month membership covers you from September 2014 till December 2015 and costs $95 for non-concession card holders and $85 for Health Care or Pension Concession Card Holders. A 4 month membership will take you from September 2014 until December 2014 and costs $40. The 16 month membership is obviously the best value. To join click here or click the Join button.

These memberships are only for new members, not renewing members. Membership renewals for existing members will begin in December. If you have any difficulties please email David Findlay.


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